New Teeth For You

As children, we know that losing teeth is a natural part of our growth, we know that they will grow again and everything will be fine. But on the other hand, there is nothing more terrible than losing an adult tooth. A good smile is a vital factor in developing our self-esteem, and the sudden absence of a tooth could affect us personally and emotionally.

Our image changes drastically with the absence of a tooth, we look more disheveled and in a way, older. Fortunately there are dental implants Bridgewater and other options in the market that can help us to solve this problem.

Today, a dental piece can be replaced easily. There are several types of dental prostheses available to the public, but the most comfortable and effective solution is dental implants, which are improving day by day with the advancement of science in the field of dentistry.

Dental implants have a number of advantages for those who choose to use them. Firstly they offer a lot of security to the patient, because the piece is attached to the bone and not to other teeth. This also prevents bone loss by preserving function on the bone. When putting an implant, the feeling that one has when chewing is in fact very similar to that of a natural tooth. It feels comfortable and familiar, while the bone is being subjected to a similar strength to chewing as with natural teeth, and this allows it to maintain its biological form. The implants have a longer duration than prosthesis, being able to be kept in optimal conditions for about 20 years. At one point, something called osseointegration is produced, which is a direct molecular attachment of the titanium surface of the implant to the bone. Once generated, this bond is so strong that the only way to separate the titanium from the bone would be to remove the surrounding bone. This process occurs after about 6 to 8 weeks of placement of the implants.

The implants serve to improve the quality of life of the patients, being a solution that’s painless, easy to maintain and relatively affordable for those who suffered the loss of some dental piece.